Car Donation In Los Angeles

Car donation is certainly a very noble deed to do and it is laden with numerous other benefits. As the words indicate, a car donation is simply that; giving up a car you that you no longer need for use by a charitable organization.

Most of the time the organizations simply resell your car, and the proceeds from such a sale are geared towards charitable work, such feeding the hungry in your community and rescuing animals at risk. Sometimes however, the organization might keep the car for transportation services.

To donate a car in the Los Angeles area is certainly a great way of supporting people in your neighborhood who are in dire need of financial assistance, as well as poor endangered animals.

Why Should You Donate Your Car?

Car donation is accompanied with a number of benefits and advantages. Ultimately, the greatest reason for donating a car is to make life easier for the needy in society, or whatever course your charity pursues. The satisfaction of knowing that one more soul breathed a little easier because of you it’s a great satisfaction. This is one of the greatest benefits of donating your car.

Another advantage of car donation is that it brings tax exemption with it, and herein lies, in all honesty, the biggest catch for car donation. People are more willing to rid themselves of cars they no longer have any use for in order to reduce their interactions with the IRS. donate to the salvation army

This requires plenty of paper work, but certainly it does pay off in the end. For one thing, you need to ascertain that the charity to which you intend to donate your car can receive tax deductible contributions such as cars. Once you have ascertained this, then you need to ask for a copy of the organization’s letter of determination from the IRS.

This way you are assured of tax exemption. Moreover, you might want to get a receipt of car donation from your charity organization to be on the safe side in case the IRS ever comes after you asking for car taxes.

Another advantage of car donation in Los Angeles is that you rid yourself of a car you do not need, and better yet, the car is used for a noble cause. Of course, no one wants a garage crammed with cars that are no longer useful to them, but deciding how to best dispose of them can prove a little tricky for most people. That is why you really should consider donating your car to charity.

In order to be sure that your charity gets the most of the car donation, you should consider taking the car to them in person, rather than have them tow the car to their premises, thus incurring extra costs. You might however be lucky to get a charity organization that has its own towing service, thus you are relieved of the burden of taking the car to the charity.


Car donation Los Angeles is great way to help people or animals in need, and at the same time, you get tax exemptions for a car that you ordinarily haven’t been using, as well as more space in your garage. As you think of how to best dispose of your car, car donation needs to rank high in your priority list.


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